Friday, July 14, 2006

Figgin' do-gooders!

Bob Friggin' Geldof can kiss my arse!

We have an out ouf control government pissing our cash away and that wanker says we aren't wasting enough.

Which is exactly what happens when you try to help Africa. The country is a basket case and needs to be left to it's own devices.

Until they change their attitude, they are stuffed. More likely they will all die of AIDS first.

Let Bob sod off over there.


Murray said...

And yet Mr Charity has still managed to gather enough personal wealth to buy a small country.

KG said...

Too bloody right, Oswald!
If rich bastards want to take up charity as a hobby, let 'em use their own money instead of taxes stolen from working people.
Not bad, is it? Preach to the peasants whilst stealing their money to keep African dictators in Cuban cigars and Mercs.
If Saint Bob really wants to do some good, he should pay for some shipments of C4 and decent weapons for opponents of the Mugabe regime. A lot of us could get behind THAT kind of charity.

KG said...

And another way of looking at the aid question--NZ, despite its small size and limited resources has given shelter to hundreds of refugees from failed shit-holes at enormous cost to the taxpayer.
This somehow doesn't count? He'd rather have hard cash in brownpaper bags?

Libertyscott said...

Plus the 0.7% figure doesn't include private donations to aid charities, or even take into account our virtually totally open markets for foreign imports - something that Norway and the EU can never say.

We're a frigging example to the world on trade.

Anonymous said...

Right on Oswald.
Couldn't have put it any better myself.

Brian Smaller said...

THis prick wanders about the earth saying "Cancel Debt or the kid's die". Cancel debt and the kids will still die, but the wives of the dictators who run almost every corrupt African government will get an extra couple of trips a month to shop at Harrods.

Anonymous said...

Geldolf, cancel some of my debt! Asshole.

robert said...
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robert said...
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Rhys The Shit said...

Dam RIGHT!!!
he has lots of cash.
If New Zealand isnt donating enough im sure he can help with a few million!
but im sure we donate more than Samoa, Fiji and possibly even Citys in America with the same population as us.
While he is complain about us not donating enough and saying its discracfull, he could be out helpin the kids himself!
Also his comment on TV is sure to get some more money!!!
not that just makes people feel less inclined to donate to them, and is he tracking all the Charitys? Local ones like the Salvation Army or the Mary Potter Hospice?
With their Op Shops everywhere Im sure they make more money than just asking for money, because the consumer is actually getting something for their money!!
I think if they did something like that with his shitty little charity it would be more sucessful, And personnaly I would feel more inclined to buy something to help random kids overseas and get something back rather than just giving them something and not getting any information on where my money goes to!
Live aid and Live Eight also helped they raised acouple of million bucks from those concerts.
Also if we give the amount that Bob told us we should be giving we would become a third world country and he would go around Africa saying "your not giving enough to New Zealand you Selfish Bastards!!!"
0wn3d by Rhys

ImperialGriffin said...

i agree. bob geldof is some kind of idiot if he thinks we should spend money on a country thats literally f*cked. excuse my language. i'd like to se HIM run a country!