Monday, February 06, 2006

Zen and the Art of Going To the Lavatory- continued.

Some things seem like a good idea but aren't. The bright spark that though it up didn't do a lot of thinking about how the gadget would be used.

1/2 flush toilet cisterns would be one. On the face of it, it sounds good. You save water when only doing #1's!

Cool- all good for the enviroment and there is no effort involved, on the part of the user.

Shame it doesn't work. Plumbers love them- unblocking dunnies is easy money. Plus people pay them to disconnect this feature, after getting caught a couple of times.


The boy wonder that thought it up doesn't seem to have lived with a women. They use vast quantities of toilet paper to do #1's- then use 1/2 flush.

Usually it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

In this house, a Real Bloke (one too mean to pay tradesmen, until it is a real disaster) gets the big rubber plunger and fixes the bloody thing- yet again.

My old place used to block every month, at least, but I suspect the pipes have a bit more fall in this house. I have only had to unblock a couple of times.

Another great earner for plumbers are those toilet deodoriser thingies that live atop the cistern. They fall in and invariably get stuck just around the s-bend. Funny that the person with the smallest hands (the one who buys the bloody things!) never wants to put said hands around the bend! You would think six years of nappies would harden oneself towards such things!

A bit of shit is soon washed off. I can buy a lot of soap for fifty dollars.

And Vodka for being a clever/useful bastard!


Anonymous said...

lol. God slipped up when designing female bladder outlets. Funny how those deoderiser thingys are never bought by the person who fixes the bog.

Oswald Bastable said...

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