Friday, February 03, 2006

Custody battle in progress

I knew the day would come!

The wife has discovered how to download music.

And has taken over the computer to do so. Now I have to share- something I don't like doing!

It might be time to find a second-hand laptop and retreat to the sanctuary of the garage/distillery/armoury...


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Hah. Wait till the kids discover msn. I gave in and bought a laptop couple of weeks back. What price on peace.

Anonymous said...

put viruses and bad things in the music files and convert them to rubbish, make it impossible for her, if you start backing out to the garage you have started to lose agenda control, act now, and act decisively, much is at stake, also there should be ares on ther farm where shge is just not allowed, you need to get these things in order othwald,