Thursday, February 02, 2006


Now normally I wouldn't send you to, but I found an interesting peice on Meth there.

If you havent been to the big 'R' before- this site has the most graphic of nasty images. The link doesn't have any dead or dismembered bit on it.

Welcome to the wold of meth!


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Yikes Oswald. How do you find this stuff. I'm left wondering what is in user's minds. Either they think, for some reality-defying reason, unlike everybody else, THEY can handle it or their lives are so meaningless that they would rather have those experiences in the knowledge that it's all down hill from day one. Or am I naive and some people do tolerate a meth habit?

Oswald Bastable said...

Is's simple, Lindsay.

They have never had to accept responsibility for their actions.

AND they have meaningless lives plus insufficent wit to consider tommorrow.

Libertyscott said...

probably be far more effective to spend money showing people graphic images of what it does to your appearance than in law enforcement.

It's shocking stuff and I doubt most teens trying it would have any idea.

Anonymous said...

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