Tuesday, February 21, 2006


We have an upsurge of this in town, at the moment. In a small town, it's not hard to know who did it and we do.

The police would love to throw them in the brig, but of course the little darlings are to young to know what they are doing.

Heaven forbid that their doting 'parents' should take any responsibility!

These ferals are the first to complain that 'there is nothing to do' about town.


Most of the kids I know are busy from sunup to sundown with a variety of activities- sport, clubs, schoolwork and amusing themselves with activity (and noise!) as well-balanced kids, with good parents do.

A spell in the stocks is what is called for. If they continue- tar and feathers!


Anonymous said...

Send them out to clean the graffiti - that should keep them occupied.

Jude the Obscure said...

Britain has that ASBO thing (anti-social behaviour order) and I think the offenders go on curfews first, they get the parents (who are often the problem) when curfew is broken, eventually the whole family can be moved elsewhere. I am not sure if it works but ASBOs keep getting tighter and and IDs faster so the juvies are caught quicker. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot one can do with them as they are not very bright. I am in favour of the long term solution - neutering. A sort of three strikes and you're out system.

Oswald Bastable said...

An excellent proposal!

I salute you!

pink panda said...

nah, fuck that, why dont they just beat the children senseless with a wooden spoon?

look at what an upstanding citizen i have become....!

i pay me taxes, indicate when turning, and hardly ever park in disabled carparks.