Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why doesn't prison deter criminals?

Let's start by looking at why prison is a deterent to rational, well-balanced people.

Prison IS a shithole.
Prison is full of Lowlife, of the worst kind.
Prison is a lack of freedom of movement, association and choice.
Prison is drab monotony.
Prison life is violent, dangerous and confrontational.

It smells bad, is full of lowlife who smell bad and is unpleasant in every way.

There is a popular myth that prison is a holiday camp. Apart from a few special programs, where it is on a par with a 2 star motel, the nearest it gets to a holiday camp, is like one of those British 1950's hell-holes. Without beer.

I would rather be hung than serve a life sentence, even in a NZ prison.

But that's me and probably you, the reader. You know this.
Imagine that TV drama (and I stress the word DRAMA) 'Bad girls'. That ain't prison! The reality is far more drab, the players much more apathetic, stupid, drug-addled and vicious- and each show contains about a year's worth of real-time drama.

SO you wouldn't want to go there- why do habitual criminals? I must stress I'm not talking about guys who made one dumb choice, that went wrong big-time

There are a few reasons- often it's a combination:

Stupidity- a total failure to consider consequeces of actions.
Insanity- see above.

Then the big one:

Laziness- This also is an aversion to responsibility. In prison, you need make no hard decisions. You are told what to do and when. There are no bills to pay, pay to earn, shopping to do, lawns to mow, children to raise, deadlines to meet. Prison is a refuge from the rigours of the modern world. It's not like these sloths want to live in prison all their lives, but after a few months or years of stealing, drug abuse, living rough- they know they can come back in for a rest.

Prison is the next step down from Welfare for the dregs of society. They know they can't fall all the way down, as the safety net is there.

For these types, prison just isn't so bad. Sex is different and the drugs cost more. But they are sheltered from the harsh realities of life that we cope with. Like meeting your obligations.

But how to break this cycle?

The answer is simple.

WORK. Long hours of hard, dirty work, every day- rain or shine.

Forget the bullshit programs to make scrotes 'address their offending'. Unless they are insane or mentally retarded, they know they have done wrong. If they fit theose catagories, they shouldn't be in prison, anyway.

Work them. Have them turn wheels and treadmills to generate electricity. Have them sort rubbish for recycleables. Have them break big rocks into little rocks. Work them in the fields and work them in chain gangs.

Work them without tea, coffee or tobacco. Work them so that after a shower, they fall asleep from their exertions, too tired for TV or misbehaving.


Anonymous said...

I can't see the sense in locking a lot of bad buggers up together and letting them learn from each other. I'm for making the sentences four times shorter and four times tougher. Locked up on yer own unless you're doing something worth while (work, study, counselling). No mixing with the other baddies. Frees up three quarters of the cells. Probably cut recidivisim in half.

Write Disability said...

Yip, work 'em, work 'em hard, make them pay for EVERYTHING, if they don't, put them in solitary until they change their mind,

Spirit Of 76 said...

That was a shit hot post Oswald. A good read.

Anonymous said...

yous absolute correct ostable and i going to make a a big dash to rebilitate myself because my activity well we just dont want to go to jail like you says,