Thursday, February 02, 2006

Beggers can't be choosers!

Kenya upset by 'dog food' offer02 February 2006

A Canterbury dog-food manufacturer's plan to send food to starving Kenyan orphans has sparked outrage and offence in the troubled country.

Mount Somers woman Christine Drummond cooked up a plan to send nutritional supplements to drought-stricken parts of Kenya.

Her supplement is based on a formula similar to that used for her Mighty Mix dog food.
The plan, reported in the Press last week, has met with disgust in Kenya, with Government officials branding the proposal unacceptable.


Can't be too hungry- or is it that they are, but the 'government' officials are not?

Why people stop offering to help...

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Anonymous said...

We can thank our local reporters also, shooting their mouths off about "dog food", "pet food" etc. That must have been reported overseas. They must be feeling really proud of themselves. Stopped a dying child eating "dog food"