Friday, February 10, 2006

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The body of a baby boy discovered by police last night was confirmed on Thursday as being that of six-month-old Troy Simpson, who vanished from his home in central England earlier this week.
A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said the child's identity had been established although results from a post-mortem to determine how he died were not yet known.
His body was discovered in a ditch not far from his home in Smethwick, near Birmingham late on Wednesday following a police hunt after he was reported missing on Tuesday morning.
He had been put to bed by his grandmother on Monday night.
Four people were arrested on Wednesday and are being questioned in connection with the death.

I happen across a story such as this and wonder at those who look down at us who call for hash sentencing and Spartan conditions for criminals.

You know the sort- they defend the criminal, shifting the blame to everybody and everything but the person who committed the act. Then in the typical leftie tactic, they attack the character of those who cry for fitting punishment.

I say it is totally understandable for folks to howl for blood in the type of case presented above. Before the apologists start about 'lynch mobs', I'm talking about after a trial and conviction. Most people believe in hanging them AFTER the 'guilty' verdict!

In crimes against those most vulnerable and defenseless, I find a desire to severely punish (not rehabilitate-PUNISH) the offenders to be a natural emotion and part of our survival 'programming'.

In primitive times, slaying the beast that took a child won't help that child, but may save another, in the future. Anger and rage are harnessed to enable us to deal with a frightening and dangerous threat.

I don't know the details of what happened above, but it is the sort of event that sparks strong, deep emotions in people, especially those with small children. While extremely rare, it is every parents nightmare. In our modern world, we have slain most of the animals that would take a child, but still have the most dangerous predator at large.

Let logic and reason determine the innocence or guilt and the emotions determine the consequences!

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