Thursday, February 02, 2006

Take it or leave it...

I have no obligation of conduct whatsoever towards visitors.

They take this site on it's merits or go elsewhere. The header of my site gives clear indication of what one may expect here. I do not go to the Green's site looking for a fight. I disagree with their philosophies, but see no value in preaching my ideals to them. I leave them to their own devices.

This is a site I post on for fun, not profit. I have no need for conducting public relations exercises. This site appeals to a niche and suits them. If it upsets some, there is a 'Back' key on their browser.

On free speech- you are free to speak and I are free to tell you to go speak it elsewhere.That's a point so many miss on freedom of speech- others are not obliged to agree. Note I have not deleted any comments, before crying about freedom of speech.

If you come into my world (here) and start grinding your own axe, you may find the handle lodged where the sun don't shine!

deliberately antagonistic remarks and slurs go way beyond commenting. To compare shooters to psycho murderers for example, is deeply offensive to anyone in the shooting community. As any troll would know.

Don't expect an elegant defense of my opinions, on my part. I quit wasting my time trying to convert polarised opinions years ago. It's like teaching the proverbial pig to whistle!

My blogging reflects a SMALL SLICE OF LIFE, it is not meant to be a day in my life. I will leave that for the millions of unread blogs about cats, kids and what's on the oven cooking.

It's entertainment, with the odd bit of serious commentary thrown in, from time to time.

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Kiwi Bloke said...

The last time we had a jab at a visitor was AJ Chesswas and it seemed to scare him off. Now we all miss his contributions to our site and the debate it generates.