Wednesday, June 01, 2011

You have to wonder

...what would happen to our population if you had to prove signs of intelligence, in order to breed.

Kids school had a trip up to the edge of the ranges to do a bit of nature & science. The inevitable permission slip stated quite clearly that WARM clothing, sturdy shoes and a raincoat would be needed. The morning of the trip was a frosty minus one degrees- that's here in town, not a 200 meters up shaded valley.

So most of the kids turned up under-dressed. Not so much the boys, but the girls used the day out of uniform to have a fashion parade. And froze.

Light cotton is not much use below zero.

Two kids were actually comfortable- my son and the boy of a family I know to be active outdoors types too.

At first I wondered what the hell the parents were thinking- then realized that they have ZERO experience with being out of doors in cold weather- apart from to dash to the car. They just don't go outside when it is not summer. You don't need to know how to dress for the conditions when you live and work in a controlled environment- the heat pump or fire is always going.

We have a disaster like the VOTD in the bottom half of winter and Darwin wins another hand...

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halod1 said...

Are you watching the police comparison show on Tuesday evenings? Nightclubbing teenager in Oslo outside in -15c wearing a bikini. Us humans are delightful. Sometimes I think it might be better if the zombies come sooner rather than later to help speed up Darwin's theory a little.