Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No too many options

Yesterday I was asked what sort of a job is available for a person with no talent, motivation or brains. The job had to be local so Feckless Fred had a chance of getting there.

I thought of a few options:
Dairy- Too early, too hard.
Forestry- Needs blokes not scared of hard work and are unlikely to drop a tree on their head.
Sawmill- Too much ACC liability.
Supermarket- Minimal numeracy/literacy required.
Viticulture- Far too fast paced.
Refuse collection- they drug-test.
Roading- see refuse.
Retail- Can only speak caveman.
Pest control- A firearms license- yeah, right...

Unfortunately there is no medical experimentation going on locally.

You start to see why some folks are completely unemployable. We really need to bring back the workhouse for these types...


sweetpea said...

There is always cleaning or resthome work.

Anonymous said...