Friday, June 24, 2011

One born every minute

"The central Wellington bar offering horse semen shots has had to increase its stocks to deal with extra demand.

The apple-infuse semen shots are part of the Green Man pub's entry in the annual Monteith's Beer & Wild Food Challenge.

Co-owner Steve Drummond said massive worldwide interest in the virile vials has meant he is now ordering stock in litres..."

Apple flavored horse jizz. That makes the more unusual of my concoctions seem positively conservative.

I recall that many years ago, I won a contest to devise the most vile drink (with what we had on hand) The winner was a mixture of Dutch gin and coffee liquor. I wasn't at all nice.

Beats the hell out of apple-flavored horse come, mind.

This craze must be one of those 'fear factor' inspired things. FFS- apple-flavored schnapps is a bad enough idea in its own right...

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Jeremy Harris said...

The horse they have out back - and are stuffing full of apples - must be pretty tired.

As well as the 18 year old they just hired on minimum wage to be the "horse shot production massage assistant".