Friday, June 24, 2011

Not an actual scenario- but it could easily have been

My tale of two denizens of NZ’s lower class was a construct of many painfully similar stories I have witnessed, heard of or suspected. I have been contacted by readers thinking they know the persons I alluded to.

They are both right and wrong. I did not describe an actual case- just a typical situation. But this situation is so bloody common, that a reader could easily think I was talking about people they personally knew.

This was part of my point- that this sad situation is so bloody common in New Zealand! There are THOUSANDS of Dumb Doris’s and Feckless Fred’s out there.

And there are even more who enable them by not speaking out. By not condemning the welfare trap, the rorting of the system, the mindless repetition of the cycle, as they breed a new flawed generation of welfare leeches.

Because they are too bloody soft, because reporting a crime is taboo, by the misplaced shielding of relatives- because of the whole PC ‘Thou shalt not JUDGE’ attitude.

We owe them nothing- THEY owe us.

To be honest.
To live within their means.
To not knowingly make their situations worse.
To lose the sense of entitlement.
To get themselves out of the mess they have created…

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