Thursday, June 02, 2011

Please explain

"Police will be lowering their speed tolerance to 4kmh over the limit for all public holidays, starting this Queen's Birthday weekend.

"We believe that lowering the tolerance has made a real difference to the number of deaths on the roads over the holiday periods", national manager of road policing Superintendent Paula Rose said..."

OK, you are obsessed with the Great God Safety.

So why do the Wairarapa police turn a blind eye to REAL blatant road hazards in the district?

Namely, stock movements and agricultural machinery. Every day, I'm seeing stock all over the roads- most have no form of warning aside from shit all over the road- assuming you are going the same way. I'm not talking gravel back-roads, but on most of the main roads and highways.

Likewise, huge tractors and trailers are all over the road and they get a free pass- any truck carrying a load 100mm wider than the limit has wide load signs and day-glow flags all over it- plus a pilot vehicle.

I see the white & yellow tax collectors all over the main roads but NEVER have I seen a cockie pulled over. Even the bastards that all seem to drive those wooden-trayed utes at 70k on the open road...

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Anonymous said...

The traffic / revenue / uniformed IRD branch have no ideas except to treat every one like a 100% moron 100% of the time. The bastards will lie about speed as well to write tickets and meet quota. Travelling times are getting longer despite new roads and better cars. The fuzz set speed traps on new roads where you could do way more than 100kph in relative safety. Losers. Absolute losers. Complete and utter absolute control freak useless losers.

Still, when you can't catch child killers the frustration has to be taken out somewhere.