Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cry me a frickin' river

"Proposed welfare reforms that aim to push people into work are "vile" and the punitive sanctions on beneficiaries will only put further strain on community organisations, advocates say..."

I believe that taking MY earnings by force to pay for the indolent lifestyle of others is pretty friggin' vile.

My children are being punished by the FUBAR lives of some of these damned beneficiaries, that us taxpayers are forced to fund. Bash the bloody beneficiaries by all means. The career mendicants amongst them would benefit from a spell in the workhouse, walking the treadmill to produce electricity.

Stick it to the bludging bastards that clog the system with their indiscriminate breeding, drug abuse and idleness. The ABLE-BODIED MUST WORK. Or starve if they chose not to- that is the choice- work or starve.

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