Sunday, June 05, 2011

Half-arsed reform

"...The group is also looking at the option of long-term reversible contraception being provided to long-term beneficiaries, a single Jobseeker support benefit, and requiring single parents to work part-time.

Bennett ruled out making birth control compulsory for beneficiaries. And she said they would not be sterilised.

"I'm a big fan of ... They're called the LARC - long-acting reversible contraception. I don't think we're quite at compulsory sort of stages, but they're saying free.

"I don't live in a New Zealand that believes in sterilising people at all..."

I see no problem with making contraception compulsory.

After all, our tax deductions that PAY for beneficiaries are compulsory, are they not?
If it's good enough to take our money by force, it's good enough to make contraception a non-negotiable condition to receiving our money,

As for sterilizing them, do it at no cost to them and motivate them to take up the offer with a modest cash grant. No force, just a choice.

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The probligo said...

I wish you the very best of luck for your next application for a "Certificate to Procreate".