Sunday, August 08, 2010

Swine flu- it appears to have been here for some time

Symptoms include a need to get one's snout deep further into the trough, no matter how well paid the job is. Those affected also have a huge dose of 'Entitlitis'

The cure is to send the little piggies off to market- the Free Market, that is!

"...TVNZ boss Rick Ellis has racked up more than $140,000 on his company plastic – including $32,000 entertaining – during a time of major redundancies at the broadcaster..."

Then we have the big comprehension fail by one of the troughers underlings:

"...Richards said it was unfair for TVNZ to release its data when bosses of private companies Fairfax, APN, MediaWorks and Sky were not forced to..."

That would perchance be because YOU are owned by US?

Private companies are responsible to the shareholders. I believe it's time for ALL of you at TVNZ to find work in the private sector.
Good luck and don't let the fries burn.

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