Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here's a clear result

What do you think about slow drivers?

I'm a slow driver - what's the rush?

320 votes, 2.5%

I don't mind them at all

223 votes, 1.7%

They're fine as long as they let people past

6859 votes, 53.0%

Slow drivers can be a road hazard

5535 votes, 42.8%

Total 12937 votes


The probligo said...

How would you define a "slow" driver -

A) A driver who consistently drives at the legal speed limit?

B) A driver who consistently drives at 40kph in 50kph areas, and 80kph in 100kph areas?

C) A driver who is driving to the conditions?

D) Anyone just getting in your way?

Personally, I "move over" for anyone wanting to exceed the "limit plus 5 (used to be +10)" that I drive, except when there are more than 2 cars ahead of me doing the same speed. Then I keep my eyes open for them at the side of the road after being pulled over by one of those funny cars with red and blue lights... :D:D:D And yes, I have copped a speed ticket; deserved for doing 125kph...

The ones that really make my blood boil? The eedjitrvs who overtake in a long string of traffic doing 90-100, usually coming back from Pauanui, then fight their way back into the string from the other side of the yellow line.

Anonymous said...

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WAKE UP said...

RULE 1: if you're being passed on the left, you're in the WRONG LANE.

The probligo said...

Wake up, on most of the roads I drive the left of where I am is a ditch full of long grass and not much else.

Still going to overtake on the left?