Monday, August 30, 2010

OTC madness

"Wairarapa could be the toughest place in the country to buy a pack of Panadol under new restrictions aimed at preventing suicides.

The Wairarapa District Health Board will ask dairies, super-markets and pharmacies to sign a voluntary code next year limiting the amount of paracetamol they dish out.

Overdosing or mixing para-cetamol is a known method of suicide and the DHB hopes limiting access to the medication will lower the region's suicide rate..."


What next? Put covers over all lakes, rivers and ponds?
Security fences around the roads?

As a public service, I will inform all those contemplating a paracetamol-assisted supreme being consultation- DON'T!!!

It is one of the nastiest ways you could pick to end your lot.

A slow lingering death as your internal organs irreversibly fail.

Stick to the old hose over the exhaust pipe, into the car.

Easier for you, far kinder to the poor bastards that have to stuff your sorry-arsed corpse in a plastic bag.

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