Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More reform

There is nothing like spending a day in hard physical work, knowing that a quarter of your efforts are going to prop up loafers who haven't got out of bed when you already have six hours of chargables on the timesheet.

My current writing project is about life in the 35th century. Here they do not have the same extent of social problems that we do, but still have the inevitable types who want to live outside of society.

I came up with the concept of Lowtown (TM) and every province (that would be a country here) has one. All the deadbeats, users and misfits who haven't screwed up enough to get a noose or a life sentence mining asteroids, get a one-way ticket to this closed community. As in closed by Marine guards with state of the art weaponry- which they like and are allowed to- use.

Here they are allowed to do pretty much as they please, but of course they do not get any high-tech equipment or supplies. This gets the Marines using their high-tech equipment on them. They have to produce all they need and unfortunately for the deadbeat types, Lowtown is run by a boss (thug) who expects all to work- hard! The Empire will supply them with very basic needs- K-rats and 20th century medicines but expects payment in minerals or othe goods- TANSTAAFL!

It's all the law of the jungle in there!

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Murray said...

I like James Hogans Voyage from Yesteryear where a planet settled by people who were born and raised there without human parents developed a society without the concept of currency and respect became their tradable comodity.

they considered people who didn't want to work to be mentally defective and cared for them as such.