Saturday, August 28, 2010

The neutering of society


Chase the speeding car
Confront the rioting drunken teenagers
Tell the thug smashing windows to stop or else
Try to break up the rowdy party

You MIGHT provoke the pinheads BREAKING THE LAW to do something worse.

Just take some photos- but not up close because that could provoke a bad response too!

Shall we just issue the police with scoutmaster's uniforms and give them bicycles?

I think the pursuit guidelines are about right. Sometimes they DO have to cut their losses and break off the chase. Perhaps that might have happened had the Christchurch pursuit continued for a bit longer- they had only just started.

Sometimes the cops get it wrong, for sure- but things would be a hell of a lot worse if they could not pursue at speed- EVERY piece of shit WOULD run for it, if they knew the police could not speed after them.

As with all things, they will be room for improvement. Perhaps more use of image capture of fleeing vehicles- digital imaging is continually improving- although I then go back to the point in my previous post:

"They need to nab the driver as some smarmy lawyer will raise questions about identity in court- they would do this if a man in a black cape was driving the friggin' Batmobile!"

Certainly there needs to be a clear deterrent to those evading the law by further criminal activity. The maximum fine is $10k, but that had never been given, nor is it any deterrent when boy racers rack up six-figure sums in fines and sneer at the courts.

No, it needs to be prison. A prison where the daily routine is hard labour to work off the excess hormones- say, quarrying rock in a traditional manner.

Now from the Crime Act:
167. Murder defined---Culpable homicide is murder in each of the  following cases:    (a) If the offender means to cause the death of the person killed:    (b) If the offender means to cause to the person killed any bodily          injury that is known to the offender to be likely to cause          death, and is reckless whether death ensues or not:    (c) If the offender means to cause death, or, being so reckless as          aforesaid, means to cause such bodily injury as aforesaid to one          person, and by accident or mistake kills another person, though          he does not mean to hurt the person killed:    (d) If the offender for any unlawful object does an act that he knows          to be likely to cause death, and thereby kills any person,          though he may have desired that his object should be effected          without hurting any one.      Cf. 1908, No. 32, s. 182
167 (d), to this lay-person, suggests that MURDER has been committed.
I know these types are not big on thinking and considering consequences. The thought of facing a murder charge will totally fail to get through to many of them- but it will get through to many others who are young and foolish, but not terminally stupid.
Just shrugging off the slap-on-the-hand treatment with "there is no point in ruining the perps life, as well"- just does not cut it.
This liberal crapola has been an epic failure.
Time for the pendulum to swing back to the harsh side of severe!

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