Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Funny- I though this was meant to be a serious matter

"A 20-year-old Blenheim woman who fled a police alcohol check-point killing another driver has been sentenced to eight months' home detention.

Frances Carol Stubbs had admitted driving with excess blood alcohol causing death and was sentenced by Judge Bruce Davidson at the Blenheim District Court this afternoon..."

Strange- for some time there there has been a huge amount of noise on how serious and dangerous the whole pissed-driving thing is. Sounds like the judge doesn't watch TV. Home D for a killing, indeed!.

Just don't steal sheep- you WILL do time for THAT!

"...Two men have been sent to prison for sheep rustling and animal cruelty, after they were caught with 14 sheep crammed in a car..."

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Richard McGrath said...

That's ridiculous. Drunk or not, this woman killed another human being through carelessness. That deserves prison time in my book - and compensation to be paid by the killer to the family left behind.