Friday, August 27, 2010

Killers in cars- and those who make excuses for them

Immediately after last nights post on the 'poor little ol' me' attitude of the drunk that fled a checkpoint to destroy a couple of lives- we have YET ANOTHER incident in the Village of the Damned.

Another pair of lives snuffed out by totally self-absorbed yoof, who seem to believe they have the god-given right to drive as, where and how they please.

And who do the disingenuous media portray as the perps?

The police- who are damned if they chase and damned if the do not.

The usual intellectual lightweights (who the media play to) ask the inevitable "Why don't the police take the rego and arrest the hoons later, rather than risk a pursuit causing collateral damage?"

There are many good reasons the police try to catch the offender right then and there:

  • They want to screen for alcohol BEFORE the perp sobers up
  • They need to stop the bad driving NOW.
  • They need to arrest the ACTUAL driver- who may not be the registered owner.
  • The plates may not match the car. (Just watch Motorway Patrol)
  • They need to nab the driver as some smarmy lawyer will raise questions about identity in court- they would do this if a man in a black cape was driving the friggin' Batmobile!
  • A car being driven erratically may be involved or have been involved in some other crime and they need to investigate- it's a police thing
Clear enough?


Today on the talkback, I heard the poignant tale of a woman who lost her parents and a brother to a teenage idiot attempting to drive a car. Leaving her orphaned in her teens and another handicapped brother who had to be placed into care. The fact that a intellectually handicapped child had to be placed into the care of strangers touched a sore point in me. I have a child like this who was almost put in this situation by a drunken hoon near killing me.

If they established a hard labour facility for those who make stupid decisions while in control of a deadly weapon, I would be tempted to go back to Corrections.

Hell, if they started hanging these idiots I would apply for the job!


Anonymous said...

Remind me what the police in Carterton(?)wanted to do about the people breathalising themselves before driving home? They don't care about anything except tickets really despite all the whining.

Kiwiwit said...

I think we would all have a great deal more sympathy for the police if they and the Government were honest about the true nature of the offenders. Running repeated TV ads showing middle class, middle-aged men committing all the road crimes is not honest. Running drink drive checkpoints in middle-class suburbs and being too scared to do the same in rougher suburbs is not being honest. Targeting drivers who err by 5km/hour over the speed limit is not honest. I could go on and on with illustrations of the dishonest, hypocritical road safety campaigns in this country but I think you get the point.