Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Idlers and wasters up front NOW

"The Government is taking aim at 43,000 solo parents who it says should go back to work.

Prime Minister John Key and Social Development Minister Paula Bennett have this afternoon unveiled a major package of welfare reforms.

Ms Bennett said that for some beneficiaries "the dream is over".

There were 43,000 single parents on the domestic purposes benefit whose children were of a school age and who were ready to transition back to work..."

I will believe it when I see it.

Get real and start talking limited time on a benefit.

No more money for additional spawning.

Compulsory contraception/sterilization for beneficiaries (and yes, I include males too!)

I don't want to hear of another repackaging effort!


Anonymous said...

100% with you OB. This is just tinkling. Doesn't want to frighten the horses.

Don't they realise they will only piss off the Liarbour voters if the get real.

Blue Coast

Anonymous said...

There's more:
- nothing at all if you're not MARRIED (and that's the real thing, not this civil union bollocks).
- payment is for one child only.

This would have forced my daughter Doris to wake her ideas up.