Thursday, March 04, 2010

Neutering Numpties

Much as I am not in favour of taxpayers money being flung about, I believe that the neutering of those who deem five grand more important than offspring money well-spent.

Now I'm not just talking about crap parents- all comers here.

For those on welfare- sterilization or a contraceptive implant must be a condition of feeding at the taxpayer-funded trough. Set a qualifying period for sterilization, say- of one year out of work before this is invoked.

The cost benefits of neutering are huge.

No more brood sows popping cash-producing pups.
Sperm-spraying deadbeat drop-kicks,who couldn't care one way or the other grab at the cash- and remove their flawed seed from the shallow end of the gene pool.
Less funds lost applying band-aid solutions to lifes rejects and failures and the drain on the education, health, policing and corrections resources.

I mean, why do folk talk about eugenics like it is a bad thing?

Why should leeches have human rights!

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