Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No place for thickos

University SHOULD be hard to get into.

It has become a lifestyle choice for far too many- four years of pissing up and a Mc Degree or just a plain failure (that's DNQ these days)

All at the long-suffering taxpayers expense, in wasted teaching resources and student loans that will never be repaid.

Back in my day, one had to pass hard examinations to be admitted to university.

As it should be now.

Those who are admitted should, with a bit of dilligence, have every expectation of passing their courses. Back then, they even were known to find time for the odd party ;-)

And having a degree actuaslly mean something.

Now it's been watered down to meaning about the same as a good School Certificate pass.

With the exception of the 'REAL' courses- engineering, medicine, law ( yes, I know!)

Of course the problem is not entirely dull & thirsty student wannabbes or the parents of Jimmy Dull who need their little darling dullard to have the prestige of a degree (which they would have got if the system wasn't against them in their day!)

University staff want more bums on seats as that means a bigger empire, thus more funding and pay. Can't blame them for trying, like my kids would live on a diet of icecream and chips, they need their masters to keep them in line. Now its time for a big serving of veges!

E*A*R*N your entry to higher education!

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Kiwiwit said...

Not only is it far too easy to get into a myriad of meaningless degree courses, no one wants to do the 'REAL' courses. Canterbury University Engineering School, renown throughout the world for its standards, struggles to attract the calibre of student they need. Meanwhile the Pacific Dance Therapy and Live Sound and Event Production courses have waiting lists. No wonder this country is poked.