Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poor bloody beneficiaries


You will have to report in to a case manager more often.

I have to report in every day. That is called turning up to work.

You will have to prove you are making an effort to find work.

I have to make an effort to stay employed every day.

You will have to stay drug-free to hold a job.

Welcome to the world of workplace piss-testing- which I have no problem with!

You will have to find after school child care.

Yep, welcome to that too!

You will have your pay docked to pay for those who don't/won't work.



Anonymous said...

Can you give me a job, Oswald? My kids shouldn't have to go hungry. Try some compassion.

Oswald Bastable said...

My kids shouldn't have to go without to support somebody elses lifestyle choice.

I say lifestyle choice to differentiate from those genuinely in need of some temporary assittance.

They are being dragged down by the leeches, for whom all compassion ran out long ago!

KG said...

Perhaps we could have a day where beneficiaries thank the workers? We could call it..oh, I about Waitangi Day?