Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An E-Book Review 'Which Art In Hope' Francis W. Porretto

This work stands out as a gem on Smashwords- where unfortunately there is an abundance of cringe-inducing dreck! Such is the price of freeing us all from the gatekeepers of the publishing houses- and one man's dreck is another's romantic fiction!

Heinlien's anarchist/libertarian societies with Julian May's mental adepts!

The tale, set 1200 years into the future, is on a world now home to refugees from earth, who have fled earth's oppressive governments. (If anyone has spare places on such a trip, please contact me!)
The author explore the conflicts between lovers of freedom and those who deliberately or unwittingly impose obligations and duties on others using the 'justification' of the insidious 'for the greater good'

I won't say too much more as I hate to give away a story!

Once I got started, I was stuck to the screen and damned if there wasn't a tear in my eye at the end of the story. Not many manage that!

Francis Porretto is an author destined to go far!

Nowhere else but at Smashwords are such quality tales available so cheaply, so spend up!

Available Here at Smashwords

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