Monday, March 15, 2010

Fat bastards

"An American woman who already weighs 273 kilos is on a mission to become the fattest woman in the world.

The Daily Mail reported that Donna Simpson, who already weighs 273 kilograms, wants to reach 450kg in just two years..."

The 'why' is not the issue.

The issue is 'Who Pays?'

The she-mountain better be doing well with her internet sick puppy audience who pay to watch her eat!

But in the real world we know better.

Muggins taxpayer (wherever she is) will wind up footing the bill for what is nothing but a self-inflicted illness.

Hopefully she will choke on a block of lard first!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Men are, of course, entirely to blame for this poor woman's plight.

Let me explain; Oh drat, is that the time. Must go to bed with the Milo. nurse, nurse .. get off ya .....