Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Health Nazis in the UK

IMPRISONED for not stopping people smoking in his pub (actually, for not paying the health nazi's whopping fine)!

"...Nick was actually jailed for non-payment of the fine originally imposed for a 'mass smoke-in' on the day the ban came into force in 2007 in his pub, the 'Swan and Barristers' in Bolton. He no longer has that pub. He was fined again when council inspectors walked into his present pub and discovered a group of customers smoking - Nick wasn't even on the premises..."

Hat Tip Old Holoborn

How long before this happens here?

The ASH busy-bodies will be getting a semi over this news, I'm sure!

Coming to a country near YOU soon!

If you can spare a quid, that would be appreciated- otherwise show your support by punching a council apparatchik!

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