Friday, March 26, 2010

Tell the hippies to go die

and light up your life on Saturday at 2030!

That's eight-thirty at night for you uneducated types.

Let's celebrate mans conquest of the dark and cold- bugger this shivering in a dark mud hut that the greenies would have us do (apart from the chose few faithfull, of course)

Turn on the 50" plasma, the outdoor floodlights, the electric blanket and crank the heat pump up!

ANYTHING that pisses a hippy off is good. Whn a hippy is pissed off, I am a happy camper!

And hippy scum- remember that water and sewerage need electricity to move about town. Don't drink, pee or crap in that hour! Also feel free to remove yourself from the drain on the earth- cut ALONG the veins, not across!

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