Friday, March 19, 2010

Not so far from being cavemen

I say this often, but it bears repeating.

Folks just DO NOT realize how fragile is the infrastructure that makes modern life possible.

Or that there are many thousands of people out there around the clock and in every kind of weather keeping it going.

They have no idea of how long the food stocks in a town will last (about a day) without constant replenishment.

How often they are minutes from running out of water, having sewers flow down the street or the one service station (you do get actual real SERVICE at our one) in town runs out of fuel.

But let the trains be a few minutes late or facebook go down for a few hours... world coming to a frickin' end, you would think

This week has been one of those interesting ones.

One where potential problems were identified decades ago, yet nothing was done.

Until AFTER the big SNAFU...

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Anonymous said...

It is a huge problem in America now.
I have been watching a program that details the extent.
For instance, every major bridge is 60 or more years old.
The concrete is spalding away from the piers and abutments where the steel reinforcing is swelling with rust and corrosion. The steel cables on suspension bridges are corroding from the inside out.
The replacement costs are just astronomical - unaffordable.
It is a massive headache for the governments there and they really dont know what to do.