Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sterilization- hell yes!

A few shrills start crying 'Nazi' and that makes an idea bad/


For one, this is not being offered up as a punishment for being poor, mad or brown. EXCEPT and I want to make this crystal-clear- EXCEPT when used as part of a sentence for the heinous crime of child abuse. And I ain't talking a smack on the bum here, Systematic cruelty as seen in so many court cases recently.

For the rest, it is an OPTION- a way to get out of this childbearing that seems so onerous, yet so unavoidable. Heaven knows that cheap (often totally taxpayer-funded, readily available and effective contraception should let them manages this, but it doesn't. A way for the tireless tomcats who spray their seed willy-nilly to do so, with no more concern than catching some fatal illness from one of the local sperm buckets.

On the subject of OPTIONS- conceiving whilst on a benefit should not be one. No more money for having more kids! Better they take a cash incentive to fix the problem for good.

And one point so far overlooked.

A reversal is ENTIRELY at their own expense and the incentive money must be repaid!

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