Sunday, January 31, 2010

You enforce the laws- you don't make them.

RE: Police campaign to restrict non-conventional stock designs

The police department is currently running an advertising campaign and threatening law abiding and responsible firearms licence holders with prosecution if they don’t comply with their demands.

National Shooters Association advises all licence holders who have possession of one or more of the affected firearms that they are not obliged to follow the instructions of the police department at this time.

The ‘Save our Butts’ legal challenge has obtained a judgment from the High Court at Palmerston North. In that judgment, Mackenzie J confirmed that the police department have no authority over the classification of firearms and he confirmed that the police department opinion of the legislation has no legal standing.

Police have publicly advised that the firearms which they presently find offensive are in a configuration that suits the New Zealand definition of sporting configuration. Under New Zealand law semi-automatics that are maintained at all times in a sporting configuration are not MSSA and do not require special endorsements. The police department have confirmed through Crown Law that they are not reclassifying these firearms.

National Shooters Association advises members and licence holders to not apply for special endorsements or obtain permits for their sporting configuration semi-automatic firearms until further notice.



Anonymous said...

Yes but watch out for the redrafted Arms Amendment Bill where plod will try and get their wishes put into law.

Crusher Collins needs to up her game and be a watch dog for freedom and the people, not an advocate for police policy. This is all about Police trying to misdirect attention for their failures in policing following the likes of Napier.


brian_smaller said...

So, do the cops want to ban any stock that is not a full wooden type?

Oii said...

Where did the other 5 comments go?