Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's a numbers game

"A ban on using cellphones while driving and a crackdown on drugged driving are likely to have contributed to a record low road toll in the final months of the year, police say..."


It a numbers game, pure and simple. More people on the road doing more k's- more chances of a fuck-up where someone dies.

We have an influx of city dwellers unused to driving on the open road, unused to driving on strange roads, unused of driving for more than minutes, unused to having a car full of passengers.

A recipie for disaster.

It's not the same when the yokels go to town- their screw-ups are at lower speed and don't call for the man with the scythe.

The wild card is the weather.

To suggest the cellphone ban has had an impact on such a statistically small sample is pure bullshit.

And as nobody has been pinged for the other chemical imparements- I would have to say the same there.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe so but the last impact I had with a car was when I rear ended someone in the Mt Vic tunnel while checking my phone. No new damage to the other scruffy car though so I was lucky.