Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Contemptable Courts

"High profile blogger Cameron Slater is "attacking the heart of our criminal justice system" and could face more serious charges, police say..."

Come on- get a grip on reality and get out and catch some real crooks! If one blogger can bring down the 'justice' system, then it is rotten to the core and ready to fall!

This is the classic storm in a teacup!

On the subject of contempt of court- why have there been no moves to bring this charge against EVERYBODY who breaches a court order- non-contact, trespass, bail or parole conditions?
Surely there are more serious issues that an outspoken blogger?

Fair, Firm and CONSISTENT- heard of that concept?

And this coming from a stalwart defender and apologist for the criminal classes is just too precious:

"...Auckland lawyer Chris Comeskey said the law was in place for a "good reason", and it was his belief judges generally got it right when deciding whether or not to award it.

Police should look at laying more serious charges including perverting the course of justice, which carried a prison sentence, he told Radio New Zealand.

Slater was inviting "anarchy" by flouting decisions passed down by lawmakers..."

I thought this bottom-dweller would be getting a woody over the idea of defending Cam!


Anonymous said...

The law in NZ is an ass and has been for the last few decades. One cannot even defend one's own life or property without fear of police prosecution...NZ, gone to pot, especially when it comes to letting all the crims get away with it. Good on Slater, will he make the history books?

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!