Sunday, January 03, 2010

The world is full of bludgers and bastards

Here is one.

He pleads poverty but:

"As part of the earlier appeal, the Social Security Appeal Authority questioned items listed in Foster's domestic budget, including $30 for cellphone, internet and phone line at his shared accommodation. It said: "It is surprising that the appellant can afford to buy the Listener and pay for an internet connection but cannot budget for clothing..."

(Bold mine)

Now I don't consider the internet a luxury for a job-seeker.

The thing with having the interlink is that you can access this budgeter's friend called TradeMe.

I have just brought a pair of as-new upmarket trainers for $20 there (retail $160-180)
We buy clothes on-line all the time. I have no problem with second-hand!

"Act MP Dr Muriel Newman said Foster's court actions had gone too far but were a product of "the system". "The attitude is, if you do need a jumper and pair of shoes they [the taxpayer] can pay for it. It's an indictment on the system. People can go to an op shop and get a pair of shoes for $5 and he's definitely chosen not to take that path."

(bold mine)

All I can add to that is that if you give the salvos a sob-story they will almost certainly GIVE you the frickin' shoes!

But then it gets worse- MUCH worse!

"...He said legal experts had estimated the cost to the Ministry of Social Development of defending his persistent court action could be anything from $30,000 to $250,000..."

(Bold mine)

How much does telling him to fuck off and get a job cost?

I will do it free as a public service!


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Anonymous said...

What if there are no jobs to get? I blame National for this disgrace. Washed in blue, socialites.