Saturday, January 09, 2010

Welcome to minimum standards

"Thousands of students could be booted out of university this year for underperforming in a crackdown on those with poor marks.

Financially stressed universities have revealed they will significantly increase the number of students who are shown the door, saying they only want "motivated students".

The automatic right of people aged over 20 to university courses could also be under threat, as universities warn their budgets are at breaking point..."


If they can't cut it, they should be out the door ASAP.

Too many are attending simply as a lifestyle option.

Bring back the good old University Entrance examination. It's a waste of time and money for cretins who don't meet a minimum standard going to university- so they can say they went, I suspect.

While they are at it- cut the useles BA (Bugger-all) wannabes back to those who are prepared to meet the FULL cost of taking a vanity degree!

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