Thursday, January 21, 2010

Option C

Opinion poll

Which would you rather pay more of:


 Personal income tax


Related story: Tax Working Group head defends

I want 'Option C'

Slash the crap out of government spending!

This lot can all go by lunchtime:

  • Cindy Kiro's Office for the Children's Commissioner
  • Peter Dunne's Families Commission
  • Paula Rebstock's Commerce Commission
  • David Lange's Ministry for Women's Affairs
  • Jim Anderton's Ministry of Economic Development
  • The Ministry of Youth Development
  • Asia New Zealand Foundation
  • The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs
  • The Ministry for Maori Affairs
  • The Race Relations Conciliator
  • Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand
  • Action on Smoking Hysteria
  • Electricity Commission
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority
  • The National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women
  • The Department of Labour
  • Welfare for Working Families


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