Friday, January 01, 2010

Poor and miserable

Everyone seems to think that the poor downtrodden non-working class are in this state.

It isn't so.

Yesterday a large group of the town's taxpayer-funded bludgers has a pre-piss-up gathering across the road. Thankfully they departed at about 2100 for parts unknown.

They seemed to be having one hell of a time thanks to the copious quantities of alcohol being consumed. So they were not miserable and can't have been all that poor to have been able to purchase all of that firewater!

I'm so frickin' pleased to see all that tax I have taken from me going to make these people so happy!

This is why you never see me donating to food banks!

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Ayrdale said...

Me neither Os. Each year they like to say that demand for handouts is growing, so, society is generally poorer and the poverty stricken among us are increasing. Bullshit. People will humble themselves in ever increasing numbers if they are given the chance.

An old WW2 veteran now dead offered to break in small gardens for food bank recipients here in Tauranga. He was retired, had a rotary hoe and access to free seedlings. They (the foodbank)turned him down, but asked him to grow for them instead. He did, for many years, and singlehandedly kept the foodbank going for fresh vegetables. On his own, an old bloke of 75 plus. In addition when he delivered his produce to the foodbank, the lazy bludgers often wouldn't even get out of the car to receive them, just asked him to put it straight in the boot.