Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will you stupid women never learn!

"Lance Teriwhi Corkery will spend less than five years in jail for inflicting injuries on a baby that left her in a condition like that of a stroke survivor..."

OK- this is not the popular take on this, however, all those women who take up with feckless, worthless BOYS (they ain't men!) who probably have form and abuse substance HAVE to take a large part of the blame for these sort of tragedies themselves!

How many case studies are there for this sort of thing?

FAR too many!

SO you will just have to be more discerning in who you take up with. It's not a 100% thing that this won't happen but hell- you can sure stack the odds either way.

Mr slightly dull with a boring job who doesn't live at the pub or smoke himself insensable at every opportunity is going to be far safer than some dashing looking bad boy with attitude.

And another reality check- unlike in the bodice-rippers- you AIN"T going to change him for the better!

SO clamp your legs together and don't go there.

Also, for the record, there should have been a zero on the end of his sentence.


Ciaron said...

But, but, but they're all victims Os,

As an aside, would one be able to find out how many children CYFs had successfully removed from like situations, or would that information be suppressed?

I only ask, because we only seem to hear of the failures, and if all that exist are failures, then its a lot more fucked up than we could possibly imagine.....

mawm said...

The women are the keeper of the pu**y and it is a very powerful bargaining tool.

The ancient Greek playwright, Aristophanes, had a very good suggestion on how to control these spoilt, self-servinng scum. In his play, Lysistrata, written in 400BC one woman convinces all the other women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to end the Peloponnesian War.

I'm sure that it would work wonders - that is if they have the self respect and wake up to how they are being used and abused.

Anonymous said...

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