Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yes, my views on Haiti ARE harsh. Some would say brutal and I wouldn't disagree with them.

No doubt about that and BTW- it says much about the people who visit here that they can disagree without geting personal about it!

What sparked off that post was a clip of 'victims' DEMANDING aid and right now- not asking or pleading-DEMANDING.

Do they think there is an aid convoy waiting offshore 'just in case'? Reality is that even in well resouced 'can-do' countries disaster victims have to wait for the cavalry.

This whole affair reminds me of what happens here on a daily basis, but on a much larger scale. That of dysfuctional families requiring that we pick up the tab and provide the help for their misadventures and blundering passage through life.

Now with welfare- on a small or nationwide scale- there needs to be hooks attached to aid. When you want somebody to provide you with the means to keep living, you must accept conditions.

Like kicking out the rulers who's corruption has squandered past aid
Like accepting governance from outside (but not the frickin' UN!)
Like having to reform caveman societies
Like having to do what you are bloody told- like children who continually screw up.

The left call this patronising.

Would they prefer dead?

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Anonymous said...

Difficult to disagree with your statement OB.

Not that I am going to try very hard :-))

JK has promised a mill...

That is about 20 cents per head.

Makes me feel good..

No more JK.. No more..