Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Most hated word of the week


This word/term gives me the shits!

MY definition "Exclamation given by a low class piece of trash when their over-inflated sense of self-worth is offended"

Example "Y'all disrespected me!"

Translation- Spoke a truthful statement regarding another of (typically) low caste


KG said...

Any scrote using that term is missing the essential point anyway--in order to "disrespect" him he would first have to be worthy of respect.
4x2, applied briskly to the head should disabuse 'em of the notion.

Annie Fox! said...

Offended/Offensive is of similar elk.

Example: 'I find that most offensive.' Usually made by a white middle aged tertiary educated women in response to any and all un-PC comments or jokes.

Best response back at her is to say 'good!'

Murray said...

My response to both is always "Good, I was clear then".

Findalis said...

Here in the US the week's most hated word is: Jihad. It is now forbidden for the State Department to use Jihad and Jihadist.

Respect isn't even close yet. But give the PC Police some time on that one.