Sunday, April 06, 2008

Health Nazi's kiss my arse!

Choke on a soya bean you peter-puffers!

Poison my arse.

"...We have a health tax on alcohol and cigarettes and there should be a health tax on butter. It's the most poisonous commonly consumed food in New Zealand..."

What a load of shite. ANYTHING will kill you if you overdo it. ANYTHING.

To call butter poisonous is just emotive twaddle. The sort of thing we are hearing more and more from liabour loving academics.

Here endth my 1000th rant!


Pique Oil said...

Saying such a thing in a Taranaki Country hall would previously have had this creature lynched, but not any more as we would not be able to find any certified third-world organic hemp rope to do the job.
I was warned two weeks ago that bureaucrats were going to push this sort of stuff before November. Apparently they are under the impression that a change of Govt. is inevitable and they will push their agendas hard , knowing that an incoming Govt. will have other things to worry about and will not overturn this sort of crap.
Happy millennial post by the way.

KG said...

Heh! I saw that news item, put up a post on it and thought..."I bet Oswald's on to this..."
Pique, a new government won't overturn any bloody laws or regulations, because they're the same gang, just different colours.
When did any government ever give away power, and control of the peasants, eh?

Ash said...

I tend to agree with him.
When margarine 1st came out, I started using it, as it doesnt go rancid like butter. [we bought a loaf of bread each day, and constructed our meals on site - all the makings remained on the line-trucks]
Since that time, I cant stand the taste of butter. Tastes like pure animal fat!

KG said...

Margarine tastes like the product of an oil refinery.

Oswald Bastable said...

We just use it for baking and suchlike. I do like a knob of butter on my new potatoes!

peterquixote said...

them Medico people using emotive language have good scientific backing ostable.
7kg of butter per person per year is a lot, time will see dairy products as not so good at all,

Oswald Bastable said...

Nor is your choice of chemical.

KG said...

It's all a load of bollocks. If people just got off their fat backsides and did some physical work half these health problems would disappear.
Fat bastards will use any excuse to avoid eating less and working more.

KG said...

Funny, how obesity and high cholesterol counts and heart disease weren't in "epidemic proportions" when people did more physical work...
No diet on earth will keep lazy slobs healthy--and a working body sees just about everything put into it as fuel and burns it up.

Pique Oil said...

Apparently this creature was on the news/breakfast this morning. He has had threats made against him. DUH
Welcome to the real world pal!

Sus said...

Ash, margarine isn't food. It's a product. That you can leave it lying around (unrefrigerated to boot) for months and it won't go off should tell you something. That insects don't go near it should tell you something.

This is the same bullshit that 'health' authorities have been peddling for 30 yrs. Our ancestors routinely ate large quantities of butter and heart disease was virtually unknown.

Polyunsaturates are full of harmful TFA's that occur through the heating process.

You might not like the taste of butter - fine, your choice - but it remains a pure *food* that easily goes off if not stored properly.

For Rod Jackson to call it a 'poison' and equate it with products such as alcohol and cigarettes is insane.

More, to call for a tax to supposedly solve the problem of high cholestoral just puts this fuckwit firmly in the state collective category.

I firmly believe that the low-fat, high-carb diet these cretins have been pushing for three decades is largely responsible for the degenerative health problems routinely suffered in most first-world countries.

When it comes to diet, the French have got it right. They eat large quantities of real food .. high fat dairy products, meat, fruit & veg, etc - and have the *lowest* rates of heart disease in the western world.

Conversely, the US via the insidious FDA (those guys have as much power as the equally vile IRS) is the birthplace of low-fat bullshit ... all supermarkets have processed products proudly proclaiming 99 or 100% fat-free; yet they have the *highest* rates of heart disease and obesity.

I repeat: it's bullshit.

Sus said...

Sorry, error. S/be 'cholesterol'.

Ash said...

Hey, dont get me wrong, I couldnt care less about people eating butter - everyone has a right to pick their own route to eternity, so long as it doesnt affect me - what I am saying is butters revolting taste is offputting, all its other undesirable properties are secondary to me, although I can see this guys point.

I recall the cardiac surgeon at Hawkes bay used to chastise his patients if they ate butter, but he was OK with marg.....

KG said...

I assume he chastised his patients who led sedentary lifestyles too?

Sus said...

Of course he was, Ash. Most of them are, in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I enjoy telling my doc each year that I continue to enjoy excellent health precisely because I ignore most of his nutritional "advice"!

My point is that Rod Jackson doesn't have a point. But who cares about science, eh! Those Who Must Not Be Questioned have attempted to stifle debate just as the Anthropogenic Warmists have latterly done. The similarity between the MO of both groups is astounding.

This is something I have studied for years. Look out for literature from Dr Guy Lanctot and Dr Vera Schreibner - Canadian and American respectively - on what they term the Medical Mafia. It's what happens when govt and big business get into bed together. Not my brand of capitalism, I'm afraid, but a great recipe for control, kids! Besides, there ain't no money in 'health', per se, but there's a lot to be made in disease!

On the home front, I recommend "Your health at risk" from Dr Toni Jeffries from Warkworth published in 1998. She systematically repudiates nonsense rammed down our throats (!) about cholesterol, heart disease, cancers, etc.

FYI, I also recommend "Fats that heal; Fats that kill" from Dr Udo Erasmus, PhD, of Vancouver, who is one of the world's foremost experts on fats and oils.

Yep, on this topic you could almost mistake me for a Green - but please don't! :)


KG said...

From an article by Desmond Morris in today's mail:
(about a 120 year old Frenchwoman)
"In these health-conscious days of carefully balanced diets, fitness regimes and workouts, it is worth asking what kind of lifestyle the astonishing Madame Calment had enjoyed for so long.
The answer comes as a shock. It turns out that she was a gourmet who liked alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates and sweets.
As well as her sweet tooth, she was fond of cheap red wine, fois gras and a rich local stew.
When she reached the age of 117, doctors advised her to give up drinking port and they tried to stop her smoking."

Ash said...

I researched Lanctot & Schriebner and they appear to be a couple of nut-cases.
[I didnt get round to the others.....]
You dont live in Taradale do you?

Mrs Smith said...

I don't have butter in the Smith household ever - only because I love butter so much, I'd scoff the lot in an instance (smeared thickly on hot toast!) and become a giantess. Margarine is there instead - it's horrid, so I am not at all tempted.

All in moderation, that's the key.

Oswald Bastable said...

Like Mrs Smith, I can eat butter like some people eat cheese- so I don't buy it often.

Margarine is excellent for greasing over the cylinder end in a black powder revolver, to prevent flashover and to lube the balls!

A far better use for it than spreading it on bread!

Sus said...

Don't live in Hawkes Bay, Ash. Those two GPs aren't nuts by the way. (Spotted vaccination, did you?!) That doesn't mean to say I agree with all their sentiments, but it takes guts to swim against the tide (as anti-AGW scientists find out). Keep reading, though, if you're interested.

As the old saying goes, not everyone's wrong *all* the time. Hell - I've even found myself in agreement with Keith Locke, (yes, really) on the odd occasion. On abolition of the sedition laws, as I recall.

Even scarier than margarine, that. :)

Ash said...

and to lube the balls
Far too much information there Os! lol

Cant say that I've ever found myself agreeing with Locke, Sus.
I'm not even sure that its possible........

Oswald Bastable said...

PISTOL balls!

KG said...

Oh yeah...riiight...

Mrs Smith said...

"Lube balls" (muffled laugh)

sweetpea said...

"Funny, how obesity and high cholesterol counts and heart disease weren't in "epidemic proportions" when people did more physical work..."

Accually they were. Our grand parents were old at 60 and frequently dead before 70 and in the case of my family they died of heart attacks, heart disease and hardening of the artries.

As for marginrine, I have found the low fat spread difficult to cook with and have pretty much given up putting it or butter on my bread.

BTW if you don't have to cream the butter you can subsitute it with two thirds of the amount of cooking oil with no problems.

Mark said...

Well if a 90+ year old can run a marathon on a few pints and fags they should remove the tax on them.