Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A refreshing change!

The trend now is for companies to give some hand-wringing response when challenged over anything environmental.

Not the chap in this story!

"...Graham Higginson, who has fished eel commercially for more than three decades in Wairarapa, was speaking yesterday after reading a Times-Age story outlining the discovery by a Featherston man on Friday of "thousands" of dead and dying eels left stranded after weed-clearing work beside a stream at Lake Reserve.

Pilcher Earthmoving owner Gary Pilcher said he had seen no eels during the weed-clearing work earlier in the week and that "when a blocked drain is holding up production I don't give a fat rat's arse about the eels  I don't care"...."

The lake is in the NATURAL process of silting up, as it has been doing for many years- it is mostly about one meter deep. this is the way of these lakes and waterways- they change all on their own. Lets not stop that getting in the way of a story, though.

"...What we now are facing is nothing short of an ecological disaster that's filling Lake Onoke and Lake Wairarapa, the jewel in our crown, with sediment," he (Higginson)said..."

Nature in action- just like with climate variations!

But it's more fun to blame people...

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Anonymous said...

Bloody ridiculous. The guy who's doing all the whinging about the deal eels, kills eels for a living!

The prick claims that the eel stocks have been decimated by everything except his own activities. I bet nothing's killed more eels from local waterways than him! What an idiot.