Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time travelling

On one of my trips to the 35th century, I happened to pick up a schoolbook for one of my host's children.

Flicking through it, I found a chapter- The 21st Century- the century of 'The Big Lie'- The Year 2000 Bug, bird flu, man-made global warming, Islam- the religion of peace.

Reading on-"These were the classic 'Big Lies' that marked the start of this century and sparked the movement leading to the total rejection of the hopelessly flawed 'Democratic' method of government.

Of course now we all realize that governance by unskilled elected officials is an jumpbug crash waiting to happen, but back then they were convinced that THIS was an enlightened form of managing a population center. It is well documented that many realized the folly of unearned franchise and that the resultant 'bread & circuses mentality would eventually destroy a society, but unfortunately for our predecessors..."

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