Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Other peoples money

Other peoples money is SO much fun to spend! And so painless when spread over a couple of million who have to actually stump up for your wet-dream!

Like the National Socialists Great Fibre Vision.

A cry taken up by all those with a vested interest (now where did I put those 'principles'?) Dangle the right bauble and they all do a Winston!

They COULD try promoting property rights that prevent the ugly threat of looting (AKA nationalizing)

Just perhaps that MIGHT encourage investment?

Who the hell would invest in a network that the powers-that-be can steal with the stroke of a pen? The mere hint of a threat of this happening will keep the cheque books closed in NZ.

Anyhoo- Liberty Scott has a great discourse on the subject here:


Anonymous said...

very interest ostable,
you seem to be saying that we be about to be taken apart by a NZ NAT GOVT,
I feel you are too cynical .. why do you see impending government as
NATIONALIST SOCIALIST [ previously fascist] are you asking for a Constitution of Rights for People, how can we protect ourselves, please answer.

KG said...


Oswald Bastable said...

Our resident loony has botched his meds again