Sunday, April 20, 2008


Christchurch drivers still can't.

Tip jars- more collectivist bullshit.

Beer is cheaper in Christchurch.

English is the default setting and I don't want to "Push One" to see the display in that language.

Indicators are not an optional extra.

Things change in 14 years- a lot.

'Adventure Sports' DO contain an element of risk and danger- or they wouldn't be an adventure.

Getting from one side of Christchurch to the other IS an adventure sport!

My favorite eateries are now chains- and still great. Yay capitalism!

Sea Sickness pills don't always work on children.

There is something wrong when the Cook Strait ferry has better service than our 'National Airline' (WAY better)

Hagglunds are cool!

'Three Boys' Pilsner- worth the $7.75 a bottle.

I hate buses even more than I used to.

I hate camper vans even more than I used to.


MathewK said...

Nice to see you ain't lost your sense of humor. Yeah i hate buses and camper vans too, unless the bus is full of good looking women heading off to work, that i can live with.

KG said...

Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I cannot speak of Christchurch, indicators used in a turn only lane, after not indicating to move to said turn only lane, are the bane of my existence.

peterquixote said...

interest to see that spit llama on you column ostable, he been absent without leave, you should always ask me where to go, not christchurch, its a dumb place, maybe Spain next time Ostable .. drive on the other side

sweetpea said...

Sea Sickness pills don't always work on children.

Never a truer word said. They don't even make all children drowzy.
Issuing each child with an ice-cream container works just as well and at least contains the mess.