Saturday, April 05, 2008

Breaking the cycle

On the subject of full-time thieving:

"...We are never going to stop generations of burglars from burgling. It's an historic problem. Prevention is a community concept."

You can sure as hell slow it down, though.

For a repeat offense- brand 'Burglar' on the scrote's forehead.

Next time- whack a hand off.

If they can't learn from that- hang the swine!

While we are on the subject- if there isn't a market for stolen DVD's and LCD tv's- there would be FAR less of a problem. Those who support the thief buy buying dodgy items from him are as much of the problem.

They are also in need of a flogging and a spell in the stocks!


Anonymous said...

Ostable, look ostable
I asked one of my friend down here, what i said was like
you get this useless robber dude he does 250 houses per year,
the pain and anger what those people who live and love there and what they go through is hardly measurable
and it work out it worth more than his miserable life,
i would never send the cost of the bullet to his family ostable,
I would just say to the people
each one of yous who has an intrusion to your house multiply by 250 like this criminal do,
do that person deserve to live, peter quixote

Oi said...

Can I please have a translation?

Oswald Bastable said...

I don't know about the translation, but I think the message is that drugs are not good...

KG said...

"Prevention as a community concept" cannot work until members of the community are free to shoot any bastard who breaks into their home.

Oswald Bastable said...

yep- I thought from me- that went without saying!


Deadman said...

Hey, Peter, save some for your mates. It ain't sporting to bogart the crack pipe...

Murray said...

In the crime and punsihment cycle we're halfway there.

MathewK said...

"We are never going to stop generations of burglars from burgling."

Sounds like the start of an argument to water down punishment, well we've been having soft sentences for a while now and that ain't working so well now are they, for us that is. The crims are enjoying i quite well.

Harsh punishment will deter many, it won't prevent all crime, but it will deter many.

KG said...

Besides, MK, something the bleeding hearts will never admit:
vengeance is good for the soul!