Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Youcan't have it both ways

We keep hearing about how we ALL are responsible for the shit that happens in a community.

We keep getting asked about what are WE ALL going to do about problems.

Then when We DO SOMETHING we are the criminals and wind up in court.

In this case the locals should have shot the fuckers and deep-sixed them in a crayfish pot in 300 fathoms out in the ditch!

Who would have ever known. Or missed the shit-heads!


KG said...

Too bloody right! I see some oleaginous bleeding-heart lefty troll over at Zen Tiger's thinks it's all wrong for citizens to take the law into their own hands.
Screw him and the horse he rode in on.

Oi said...

Fcukin scrotes should be force fed butter!

But seriously, I've said this before and I'll say it again. A few hundred years ago, society didnt have a body of law enforcers, except for the military, who were answerable only to the king. [or whatever passed for a head of state] Victims of civil crime dealt with it themselves, and if a highwayman or thief was shot, no-one grieved.
Police then came into being - Peelers - and society surrendered the aggrieveds right to extract summary justice, and passed this responsibility to the Police & courts. Along with this surrender, went an expectation that the Police would attend and deal to the miscreants in a timely fashion.
In recent decades, this no longer happens, therefore the citizens should be allowed to defend themselves and their property.

There are less front line Police on the streets now, than there were in the 1970s, when a team of 30 incident car cops would head out into the Wellington streets on a nightshift, plus another 20 or so on the beats.

So, until such time as the missing several thousand cops have been ferreted out of their hiding places and cushy jobs, and back onto the streets, we should be able to defend ourselves

Oi said...

Come to think of it, this is the sort of enforcement I would like to see - Elephant Island springs to mind..
I intend using this on another site soon, but here we are....

Anonymous said...

It's why I'm a libertarian. Thomas Jefferson knew a thing or two when he enshrined the individual rights to free speech and self-defence.

A couple of secondary points to consider:

1. This happened over 18 mo ago .. why the hell has this man (the retaliator) had this hanging over him for so long? If it was the other way around, you can bet the Peter Williams QCs would be screaming 'inhuman behaviour', etc.

2. Given the locals' collective angry reaction, I wonder if the perpetrators have dared had another go.

Bet not. It spoke volumes that the perpetrator expressed relief that the cops got them first ...

You think John Key's going to improve things?


Murray said...

WTF is the John Key crack in aid of?

Here's a question, is HELEN going to make it better?

KG said...

"You think John Key's going to improve things?"
Nope--same gang, different colours.

KG said...

sus, Key has slithered his way on to the AGW bandwagon, and will happily tax the hell out of Kiwis in the name of it.
Key voted for the EFA.He's been vewy, vewy quiet about the RMA too.
What ratshit laws has Key promised to repeal? Maybe I missed the press release?

Oswald Bastable said...

Repeal power over us peasants?

I think not!

Anonymous said...

'Jandal John' is in need of a spine transplant. Until that technology arrives, expect more of the same. Dont mention the word 'repeal' to him, it might give him the vapours.

The best we can do is pass the hat around for the guy in the dock. He is there on behalf of all of us. Burglar beating is an ancient sport and it is to be encouraged. More people should take it up.


Anonymous said...

KG & Anon - The fact is that too many New Zealanders want the type of policies Labour advocates; the voting majority want handouts even if it comes at the cost of social mediocrity. Brash's policies weren't popular to win him the election, you have to wonder if Key's policies were more in line with what you would advocate whether he wouldn't also lose the coming election.

KG said...

Sadly, I reckon you're right Gloria.

Anonymous said...

I don't.

Brash was way ahead on the last election night ... until the Sth Auck electorates came rolling in.

I understand that Party Pres Mike Williams knew some 8-10 weeks out that Labour was in trouble and went to work campaigning big-time in Sth Auck. "Vote for Helen, otherwise Brash will reduce your benefit/sell your state house/adopt out your neglected kids", etc. Sth Auck saved them and that's how she squeaked in. Her goose was well and truly cooked elsewhere.

Murray, are you serious? Your comment's entirely redundant.

"What's Helen going to do about it?"

The point is that Helen's *had* 9 yrs to improve law & order. She was never going to and never will; the left being notoriously soft in that dept. That she acquired power during the same election that held the harsher penalty referendum, and then ignored it completely, should confirm that.

My point is to not hold your breath for JK to improve matters should he win this year.

Anonymous said...

Sus - you are right about election night but not about what the public want.

The only reason we didn't get some sensible policies last election is Labour were able to throw enough muck for people to question Don's integrity. He doubled National's support and almost won the election Labour should never have lost due to good economic conditions at the time. All this was based on policies National should still be supporting. National have missed the boat on what the public want.

I think JK is handing Helen a 4th term by parroting her policy.


peterquixote said...

i always been scared of them cray fish things, ostable

Anonymous said...

Hi Paranormal .. I can't argue with most of your comments; I'm no Key fan & even though I'm not a National party supporter either, Brash was the best thing to happen to the Nats for ages. Trust them to shoot themselves in the foot by sacking him in favour of Guy Smiley.

However, I don't think Helen will get in again - in spite of Key's mediocrity. I really think she's had her time, and that's in spite of the massive vote-buying exercise she and Cullen will undoubtedly exert from hereonin.

It happens to all leaders eventually. For better or worse, the public tires of them. Thatcher (whom I loved) and Howard (whom I did not!) are examples of successful leaders who outstayed their welcome.

I'm picking Helen in her arrogance will go the same way. (Bloody well hope so!)

Good chatting with you.

Anonymous said...

The only time I have seen Key without a doubt in his head was when Roger Douglas stepped up with some concrete proposals to benefit all NZ. Key was 'buggered' if was going to tolerate that.

His wooing of the slippery Foreign Minister was more in character.

Vote ACT, vote often